Office and Woodwork

Located in the heart of the dock, the historical society by way of the Port, there are offices administrative and carpentry craft in which they are made ??as small processes such as ladders, stairs, furniture, interior and exterior of naval and civilian, gratings grids, etc..


Discovered the square near the port of Viareggio with a floor area of approximately 1500 square meters, used for housing, the storage and refit of vessels up to 45 meters.
We take care dall’alaggio operations, transport and safety measures on the keel blocks.
Also, if required, we use structures to shrink the mass of the vessel covered.

Head Office

In the laboratory sites in the industrial area of glass, we make most of our work.
Due to the large interior spaces, we develop the technique of whole buildings with pre-assembled even large yachts, both covered with teak handrails that (handrails).
This allows us to minimize installation time on board, always guaranteeing an excellent quality of the product.
Having the latest equipment, we produce products of high precision and spec.
Keeping inventories under control of the materials, we can respond quickly to customer requests, even for non-standard works.
The teak we use is carefully controlled and tested by ourselves, in the country of origin, thus maintaining the raw material suited to the fees required by the marine industry.