Formally constituted in 1965, the company has its roots in the ancient tradition of Viareggio shipwrights who built fishing boats and wooden cargo by the middle of 19th century, became famous all over the Mediterranean Sea and the seas of northern Europe. by now past the age of the ships and wooden sailing ships, the sons of the founder, and his grandchildren great-grandchildren (the current owners of the company) were able to convert adequate working the modern needs of the marine industry, combining the experience of their craft skilled, highly qualified, with the renewed needs of superyachts and with increasingly sophisticated demands of the Owners and designers.

Today the company specializes in the construction of teak decking for the bridge deck steel, fiberglass or wooden yachts on products from major Italian shipyards, and particularly in Viareggio (world leader in recreational boating). This specialization, together with the refitting of yachts and boats, the construction of handrails / railings, outdoor furniture, gratings gratings, steps, represents the bulk of our activities. The remainder covers the construction and furnishing of housing and interior cabins.

In 1962, first in Italy, we have adopted the system of direct bonding teak on bridges (now universally practiced) and during this experience, for fifty years, we have covered bridges of the most prestigious superyachts out by world-renowned Italian shipyards which, among others, Codecasa, Benetti Azimut, Overmarine, Perini, Falcon Yacht, Italyachts.

For some years we have started the production of blankets in a pre-assembled (or reconstituted), using a construction system that allows us to build in the laboratory and in a short time and to provide the entire covered, finished caulking and sanding, the Purchaser, ready to be simply glued on bridges. This allows us to work for third parties and therefore also for Clients away from Viareggio.

Currently we employ all the gluing and sealing products for the caulking of Sika Italy, with which we work in close technical collaboration dates back some 20 years with results of great mutual satisfaction.

We have also sheds for the shelter and indoor storage of small and medium-sized boats and discovered a square of 1500 square meters for boats up a45 meters. We are members of a company that makes hauling and various travel-lift with the Port of Viareggio (AR.PE.CA.) and other companies that manage the docks for mooring of boats in the work at sea (Udine-Union of Marine Companies artisan-dock and Italy).

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